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T-2 Starter Kit

This kit is based on the Sierra rear differential with cortina or sierra front uprights depending on your choice.

Starter Kit - �1,375

  • Chassis
  • Wishbone set
  • 7 piece GRP set
  • De-dion tube complete
  • Ball joint set
  • Suspension bush set

Stage Two kit - �2,150

  • Starter kit
  • Aluminium floor
  • Wiring loom
  • Brake lines
  • Fuel lines
  • Petrol tank
  • Pedal box
  • Fixing kit
  • Wing stays
  • Engine mounts

Stage Three kit - �4,785
Built rolling chassis as per stage two kit including:

  • Front uprights complete with new bearings and brakes
  • Disc brakes all-round
  • Handbrake fitted
  • Rear diff and shafts fitted
  • Fitted shocks and springs
  • Fitted steering column complete
  • All aluminium panelling fitted
  • Lighting set

The chassis can also be supplied with an MSA certified roll cage for competition use.

Turnkey cars available from �7,000

All orders require a 30% deposit.

All prices inclusive of VAT but are subject to delivery.

Contact details: 07752 571 822