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T-1 Race car for sale by joom. Spec includes, MSA cetrified roll cage, rose jointed front wishbones, new bottom end rebuild, +1mm bore, new mahle pistons & rings, alloy sump, new high pessure oil pump, kent group 1 cam, big valve head, new starter motor, new water pump, new twin 40's, mocal 13 row oil cooler, new brakes, calipers, discs, pads, bearings, Rocket box, quick shift, quick rack, harnesses, fire extinguisher, live rear axle, new gauges, carbon dash, 13" slicks all round. This car has only been used for 2 races (the source of information), just needs a polish before its next event. Race or Track day.

� 5,500

Twin 40's on inlet for above

� 150.00

Type 9 gearbox inc bellhousing, release fork (various)

� 60.00

4 sp box inc bellhousing

� 45.00

Type 2 box 4 sp

� 35.00

711M 1300 x/flow engine, as removed from car?????

� 50.00

Escort MK2 master cylinder, unused

� 45.00

Pinto 205 blocks complete less sump

� 50.00

Pinto injection heads complete

� 40.00

Various x/flow 4 branch exhaust manifolds

� 20.00

Sierra 14" pepper alloys

� 7.00 each

Sierra rear diffs

� 45.00

Sierra rear diffs, LSD

� 85.00


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